” Throughout my childhood, my mother constantly experienced lower back pain. She consulted with multiple specialists with no end in sight until she found herself in a Chiropractic clinic following a doctors referral. Following a few treatments she was completely pain free, but she didn’t see it as foley the reduction of pain but an improved quality of life. That was the moment I discovered my love for Chiropractic. I have one sole purpose and that is to aid the body to heal naturally.”

Dr Dajana graduated with a distinction in Masters of Clinical Chiropractic at RMIT.

Dajana is passionate about enabling clients to reach their optimal functioning through a holistic approach to their health care. Dajana recognises that nutrition, exercise and a positive mind are essential for a healthy lifestyle. She utilises a multi-modal approach to care through manual adjustments, low force techniques, soft tissue, rehabilitation and nutrition. She completed specialised training in Applied Kinesiology, Paediatrics, Sympathetic Dominance protocol, Dry needling/Cupping and CBP Denneroll.

Through experiecen in private practise she has developed a particular love for helping clients with specific issues such as

  • Stress
  • Digestive complaints
  • Sinus/Headaches
  • Pregnancy

Dajana enjoys living an active and busy lifestyle – going for walks with friends, spending time in the sun and cooking healthy meals and snacks.